SIP Trunks


Our ABBA services is helping you with protection against fraud. Our ABBA service comes with the SIP Trunk price. ABBA has fraud detection, which is checking all incoming and outgoing calls and gives notification when it detects fraud attempts across one of the SIP trunk services.

VoIP Security Checklist

Our VoIP security checklist is to show you the options to stay safe with your VoIP services because there is no insurance against phreaking. Maybe not all actions apply to your company. Phreaking is a popular way to get your money for hackers. They try to connect you to premium numbers, which cost you money to call.


As we continue to see increasing numbers of telephony fraud occurrences, we frequently remind our clients to consider minimum requirements on telephony security. Telephony fraud can happen through hacking of servers to clone individuals or hacking of the telephone system itself. The latter is known as Phreaking.