Our History

London City Comms has been providing business telephony to London City, West End and immediate suburbs for over 30 years. Our roots began with traditional PBX telephone systems and quickly grew to accommodate our client’s needs for a single point of contact for all communications services; a trusted supplier who could offer the best advice and manage the whole communications estate.  From the outset, we have understood the value of reputation and the importance of long term relationships.

Jump forward to the present and you will find the same directors leading the business with the same values defining us. We have a reputation among our peers for producing the best engineers in the industry. We field-test new telephony platforms for manufacturers while still in the design and test stage, tinkering with the latest technology not yet released in the marketplace. We attend industry seminars to understand where the future of telecoms is going, and we bring in the products we believe in. LCC IP is early adopters of VoIP, cloud telephony, SIP trunks, fibre broadband, unified communications, resilient PBX networks and hybrid backup solutions, to name a few. And yet our relationships with our clients are still cored to our business.

Why London City Comms

Because a brand telephone system is the same system, no matter where a customer buys from. What makes the difference is how the telephone system is delivered. At each stage of the installation and maintenance process, we ensure our staff exceed the minimum amount of training and certification in order to deliver to the standards we expect, with regular client communication to keep you updated and maintain your confidence in us.

We care about all our clients – each and every one. Talk to our team today to discuss your telephony and internet connectivity needs – we are happy to help.