Cloud-Based Telephony (VoIP)

Cloud based telephony is sending voice information over an internet service. VoIP is a low budget cost typically rented monthly. VoIP systems are ideal for young or small businesses, but also for big companies which are paying too much for their on premise phone system.


Our hosted platform removes the burden of having to maintain on-site and allows us to have the same features through a private or public cloud solution. Our solution is offering the same flexibility of hardwired infrastructure and provides ease of use and can be scaled as your business requires.

You're probably missing out on:

Landline numbers

Give customers a local number that goes straight to your mobile

Mobile pairing

Sync your mobile with your office handset never miss a call

Unified voicemail

Pick up all your voicemail from any device, anywhere

Call Queuing

Never lose a customer when you’ve got them on hold

Call Monitoring

Full suite of services to analyse team performance

Click to Dail

Initiate calls straight from your computer

Hot Desking

Switch desks in shared office environment

Instant messaging

Send messages to your contacts with our app

CRM Integration

Integration with different CRM solutions

Mobile Apps

Manage the whole phone system from your smartphone

Call Parking

Park calls to a specific location

Auto Attendant

Handle calls professionally and efficiently

Call Centre

Level up your customer service and agent productivity

Conference calling

Set up a private virtual conference room with external dial ins

Call recording

Record and archive all inbound or outbound calls