Leased lines / Ethernet

Many businesses need more than just speed. They require a guaranteed service for absolute assurance. So, let us introduce you to our leased lines. Our copper and fibre options are the highest grade of connectivity and are designed for businesses that need guaranteed performance, reliability and robust infrastructure for your critical everyday operations – now and in the future.

Capabilities of Leased lines

  • You never share the internet connection with any other business. The speeds we promise are the speeds you will get.

  • Our team proactively monitors to spot issues and nip them in the bud before they affect business.

  • Your leased lines come with unlimited data transfer allowance and upload volumes.

  • Faster broadband enables your digital infrastructure to be better positioned for future technology, which usually requires a high quality connection.

Ethernet Leased Lines offer guaranteed performance with simultaneous and symmetrical bandwidth.

Ethernet Leased Lines from NexusIP are available as Dedicated Internet Access product, with the flexibility of having managed Customer Premises Equipment and services, or as a wire only service. DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) Ethernet offers an always-on internet connection providing the highest performance, cost-effective, and dedicated access for organisations of any size backed up by leading service level agreements (SLAs) and Service Level Guarantees (SLGs).

NexusIP also offers Ethernet Point to Point, linking two customer premises together, or a customer site to a data centre, outside the coverage of the NexusIP network or where the customer does not require internet access.